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DUO Grinding and Polishing Machine

All Metal Fabrication Services uses the multitasking  grinding and polishing machine DUO which is suitable for various projects or for special applications on tubes and profiles (such as grinding, deburring, drilling and notching).

It has been designed to make two different types of jobs:

  • Sheet metal drum grinding: satin finishing and polishing of profiles and bars with square or rectangular section, but also metal sheet and plates made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass as well as other metals.
  • Centerless belt grinding for tube finishing and satin finishing on straight pipes lenghts with round section.

Leader In The Production of Metal Polishing Machines

AMFS is proudly associated with Garboli.  Garboli is a thirty years experience company specialized in design and production of metal polishing, satin finishing, buffing and mirror finishing machines.Garboli has exported more than 11000 machines in various models , becoming market leader in the orbital polishing sector.

Stainless Steel Tube Polishing Machine

Processings that refer to tubes and bars with different steel quality, hardness and surface finishing quality.

  • Polishing machines for bent tubes suitable to process any diameter and bending radius thanks to an orbital polishing system with opposite abrasive belts that spin perpendicularly to the tubes subject to polishing and enable to modify the external surface on tubes made pf steel or any other material.
  • Finishing machines for straight tubes: with planetary grinding system or with centerless belt grinding system for tube finishing on lengths from 50 to 6000 mm.
  • Buffing machines for tubes: offered in several different versions for straight and bent tubes mirror polishing with main feature of being suitable for both mirror buffing through special belts with abrasive paste or for standard grinding for surface preparation through the use of traditional abrasive belts.
  • Grinding machines for round bars and taper poles up to max 12 mt. length. By using different types of abrasive belts is possible to obtain satin finish, polishing or straight tube finishing.

Stainless Steel Flat Bar Polishing Machine

Square and rectangular tubes are polished through different types of process systems , that are featuring surface finishing and roughness of the finished products.

  • Polishing machine for metal flat surfaces with "drum" grinding system through vertical abrasive belt to achieve a gloss finish on flat surfaces, metal sheets, profiles with square and rectangular section;
  • Brushing machine for steel profiles and metal items with square or rectangular section , working through different types of round brushes , in accordance to surface finishing to be achieved;
  • Machine for metal sheets deburring or edge rounding on metal and non-ferrous flat surfaces;
  • The products range is also including drum grinding machines with two or more grinding, brushing or deburring units that can be interchangeable or customized according to real processing needs.

Metal Polishing

Unlike the brushed finish, a gloss finish actually improves the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel. The polishing smooths out crevices where rust particles collect and take hold. The multitasking DUO grinder machine with its high quality polishing compound is used to create an even shine

What is linished Stainless Steel?

It has a low gloss, it's the easiest to maintain, it's produced with short parallel polishing lines, and it is mechanically polished with abrasives to provide the best overall stainless steel appearance. It's also referred to as 'satin' or 'linished'.

Stainless Steel Finishes

Stainless steel has several common finishes. It’s important to know what these common finishes are and why they are important. Recent innovations such as the DUO multitasking linishing machine can reduce process steps to deliver the desired finish, including that sought-after surface shine.

 Stainless Steel Grades

Stainless steel handrails come in two grades - 304# and 316#. Selecting among the two is fairly simple. The two work best in different settings.

Grade-304 is meant for indoors, where it is protected from harsh environmental factors. It also works well outdoors where it is protected from the environment, for instance in well shaded porches. This grade of stainless steel handrails look better, are easier to maintain but are slightly more expensive than the other variety.

Grade-316 works well outdoors. It is also best suited for places with high levels of humidity and salt content like at swimming pools or near seashores.

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